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Combo pack of 9 tests for 11 diseases

Combo pack of 9 tests for 11 diseases

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Tests for Chlamydia, Cytomegalovirus, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes types 1 and 2 (three tests provided - one two panel HSV1/2 IgG and one two panel HSV1/2 IgM, plus this test is included in the TORCH 5 in 1 test included), HIV (two tests included - one for blood and one for saliva), HPV Genital Warts, Rubella, and Toxoplasmosis.


1 each of 9 tests: Price sold separately: $346.55You save $66.55


Rapid HIV Blood Test
Oraquick Oral HIV Test
Gonorrhea Rapid Test
Syphilis Rapid Test Kit

Herpes hsv1 hsv2 home test kit


Herpes HSV1/2 Blood Test

HPV Genital Warts Home Test Kit
HPV Genital Warts Test
 Torch toxoplasmosis cytomegalovirus rubella and herpes types 1 & 2 home test kit

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