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Combo Test for Hepatitis B/C Virus

Combo Test for Hepatitis B/C Virus

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Rapid Home Test for Hepatitis B and C Virus

Home Bio Test Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C rapid test determines if antibodies to the hepatitis B or C virus exist in your body. This test is easy-to-use in your own home and guarantees complete confidentiality.
The Silent Killer, Hepatitis C is a growing public health concern. Home Bio Test gives you a way to obtain a confidential answer to the question of your own Hepatitis status.

Home Bio Test rapid Hepatitis tests are greater than 99% accurate as demonstrated in multi-center clinical trials. They are the same tests used by doctors and hospitals.

Who Should Get Tested?
Anyone who may have been exposed to hepatitis C through a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992; anyone who has had occupational exposure including healthcare work or military service; anyone that may have been exposed through sexual contact with someone known to be hepatitis B or C positive; and anyone that may have taken non-prescribed drugs or steroids by needle. Over 4 million Americans are infected.

Why Get Tested?
Early detection is important in determining appropriate treatments. Anyone who is infected with hepatitis C should refrain from drinking alcohol to avoid further liver damage.

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