Orasure is a non-invasive, quick, accurate way to test for HIV-1 antibodies without blood, needles, or lancets.
The only FDA approved HIV-1 collection device that may be legally marketed in the U.S.
A complete diagnostic system that is approved for professional use.
Orasure is a rapid HIV diagnostic tool with over 99% accuracy.
Oral Fluid Specimen

Subject swabs once around other gums
Insert device into

Start timer
Read at 20 min 
(not later than 60 min)

   Non-reactive result
Only control area show line
No line in test area

  Reactive result
Control and test lines present
may not be of similar intensities

  Invalid result
No Control

The special pad is placed between the lower gum and inner cheek and left there for two minutes.

The OraSure system draws HIV antibodies out of the tissues of the cheek and gum. The virus itself is rarely ever found in oral fluid.

This sample, called mucosal ransudate,contains far fewer contaminants than typically found in saliva.

What is the difference between saliva
and mucosal transudate?
Oral mucosal transudate has high oncentrations of IgG; saliva has practically none. Oral mucosal transudate comes from the tissues of the cheek and gum; saliva comes from the salivary glands.

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